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The Bride Of Judas – Episode 2



The priest has just arrived and everything is getting set as usual, victoria is hoping nothing bad will happen, as she really need to marry james today, the bride is now dressed in her wedding gown, ready for the occasion to take place.

Victoria father wasn’t well as at the time his daughter is going to wed, victoria was from a wealthy family, and they own beverage comapny named Del Toro, the company manufactures drinks, beers and the likes, they were flourishing in the business.

Few minutes to the wedding, victoria mum was not found, although ealier she had told them she was going to buy somethings at the market with another motive in mind.

“Hey vicky, your mum isn’t around” the nanny told her

“My mum isn’t important right now, afterall you can work as my mum in my wedding” she chuckled

“Well.. mmm i don’t know what to say, but i think i will give it a try” she agreed

Vicky was happy that she(nanny) accepted to walk her down the aisle arm in arm and will hand her over to james, since the mother doesn’t want to relate to the event

The wedding has started commenced according to the time, the town people has gathered to this colourful occassion, but something is amiss, the officiating priest is yet to come out.
Vicky who is friends with the priest decided to check out what’s the problem, so she went to the priest office.


Vicky mum’s(67-year-old) was roaming around in the market not sure of what to do, but she’s determined to stop her daughter from marrying the man, she resorted to assasinating the priest, she needed to do it silently and with caution, she remebered where she hide her sniper back then when she was a rogue.

She took a perfect spot by the side of the priest office window.


Victoria went into the priest office and found his head rested on the table.

“Hey father francis, i have a wedding and you are sleeping” tapping him to wake up

“Ouch vicky i almost forgot, i dranked a lot yesternight, but i will…” a gun shot was heard, and the priest fell on vicky hands, the blood gushing out from the priest chest stained vicky wedding gown, vickty started crying loud, on hearing the gunshot, the guest ran to see what happened, on reaching they saw a dead body on vicky hands.

“She’s a murderer, lock her up” they shouted

Some called the police and within 15 mins, the police arrived and took her, but before she entered their car, she told the town people that they will suffer death for making suffer for what she did not commit*

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Posted by Ifeanyi Michealz On May 16, 2017

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